1.Accounting and Audit Service

Your Benefits

Service 1Some people might think audit is something done simply to meet the statutory requirements. We do not want to stop there. We aim to provide additional benefits to our client. We provide service, keeping in mind the following benefits to you:
-reduced tax risk
-improved internal controls


Statutory audit of financial statements

We perform statutory audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in Vietnam. The statutory financial statements are presented in Vietnamese Dong.

Audit of financial statements

The statutory financial statements are presented in Vietnamese Dong. However, some companies prepare financial statements in foreign currencies and convert them into Vietnamese Dong in order to satisfy the statutory requirements. Based on your needs, we will issue an audit report on the financial statements presented in foreign currencies along with audit report on statutory financial statements.

IFRS audit

We provide audit service on financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Monthly/quarterly review service

Based on detailed procedures we agree on in advance, we customize the level of detail review to meet your needs in detecting issues in internal controls, potential risks in tax and errors included in the financial statements in a timely manner. For start-up companies and business with low transaction volume, we perform review service on a quarterly basis.

2. Bookkeeping and Reporting

Bookkeeping and outsourcing

We provide bookkeeping service from journal entry to preparation of financial statements. We can either outsource our staff to your company or perform bookkeeping service remotely from our office. We are also able to assign our professionals as a chief accountant.

Financial statements preparation

We assist in preparing financial statements, which includes disclosure requirements.

Consolidation package preparation

We assist in preparing the reporting package your parent company requires for its consolidation.

Conversion to IFRS/US GAAP

We provide support service in converting financial statements prepared under Vietnam GAAP to IFRS or US GAAP.

3. Accounting

Internal controls

We assist in building or improving internal controls in a systematic and effective manner. We provide SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) integration service and support implementing internal controls your parent company requires.

Design of cost accounting system

Proper selection of cost accounting system is critical for manufacturing companies. We support you to build and/or improve cost accounting system suitable to your business.

Installation of accounting system/software

Vietnamese accounting standards require a coding system and accounting treatments that differ from your home country. We help you to set up an accounting system that meets the statutory requirements in Vietnam and reporting requirements of your parent company. We also assist you in installing and setting up an accounting software.

2. TAX

Service 2Tax plays an important role in the business of all companies. Identifying tax risks will help you not only to mitigate tax risks but also to plan your cash flows effectively. Let us work with you together to solve your concerns.

1. Tax compilation

We help you in preparing and filing tax returns, including corporate income tax (CIT), value added tax (VAT), personal income tax (PIT) and foreign contractor tax (FCT). We also provide assistance in VAT refund and claiming other taxes benefits.

2. Tax Advisory

General tax advisory/ Tax retainer service

We keep you updated on newest tax regulations by answering your questions timely. We research current laws and regulations on specific business transactions of your concern. If you want to learn whether your company are eligible for tax incentives or tax exemption, our expert team assist you. By retaining us as your tax advisor, we will be able to provide appropriate answers and advice timely by knowing your business, not just the transaction of your concern.

Tax compliance review

Through our examination, we identify tax issues and highlight tax risks. Then, we help you to set up a suitable plan to resolve the issues and reduce risks in the future. We also help you in explaining your tax positions and relevant tax regulations to the authorities when they come for a tax inspection.

Transaction advisory service

Our expert team consists of professionals with diversified experience and has deep knowledge and experience in various industries as a team. If you have concerns on specific transactions or specific tax issues, such as FCT implication on new business scheme, tax compliance of expatriate employees, or questions on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, we assist you in identifying tax implications and relevant regulations.

3. Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer pricing documentation

Transfer pricing is one of the most important issues in international tax. Recently, transfer pricing becomes a hot topic for tax inspections of authority. A failure in compliance with transfer pricing regulations may result in significant penalties.
We provide transfer pricing documentation service by performing necessary procedures to determine transfer pricing issues as well as to give recommendation on these issues.

3. Other

service03We are open to discuss opportunities to support your business. Our service is not limited to items listed in our website. The service shown below are some of the common services we provide. Your proposal is always appreciated.

Diagnostics service

We review internal controls, accounting system and/or tax returns based on your needs. Then, we provide findings in a management letter, which intends to help you to appropriately allocate cost and efforts in order to improve your operation or solve concern you specifically address to us.

Start-up business in Vietnam

We help you with all aspects of accounting and tax matters to start up your business in Vietnam. Our service include, but not limited to, registering your business, setting up an accounting system, registering VAT invoice, hiring a competent accountant, preparing internal company regulations the local law requires, implementing internal controls suitable to your business plan, preparing tax returns and providing advisory service you need for day-to-day operations.

Training and education

We provide training to local staffs. Not only providing accounting and tax guidance to your accounting staffs, we provide training to your staffs in order for them to get more familiarized with the global standards outside of Vietnam, especially in the area of internal controls and transparency in communication.

M&A due diligence

We assist in organizing and completing due diligence review.

Other related services

We provide support in translating financial statements or Company’s documents (accounting policy, labor contracts etc), especially documents that contain technical terms from Vietnamese to English or vice versa.