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This Newsletter is issued to update new regulations on taxation and investment in Vietnam.


Tax policy on capital transfer and capital donation activities of foreign companies not present in Vietnam On 23 February 2024, Hanoi Tax Department issued Official Letter No. 8983/CTHN-TTHT with the main content as follows: – In case a foreign company (without presence in Vietnam) transfers its capital contribution in a company in Vietnam to another shareholder that is a non-resident individual in Vietnam, the foreign company must declare and pay corporate income tax (CIT) on income from capital transfer activity. The declaration and tax payment shall follow the guidelines in Article 11 and Article 14 of Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC and Article 8...


Tax policy Interest on bank deposit and interest on loan during construction period On 23 January 2024, the Tax Department of Vinh Phuc Province issued Official Letter No. 169/CTVPH-TTHT guiding interest income on deposit during the investment period as follows: In case a company’s new investment project is in the construction period, has not yet been put into production and business activities, and if the company incurs interest income on bank deposit, it will be offset against loan interest payments (if any) as long as these deposit interest income and loan interest payments are eligible for capitalization according to the...


Tax policy Enterprises with many investment projects in the same province must keep accounting record separately for each project; Exchange rate differences during the investment phase of forming fixed assets are allocated no more than 5 years after the fixed assets are completed and put into use. On 20 December 2023, Hai Duong Tax Department issued Official Letter No. 17075/CTHDU-TTHT on accounting and corporate income tax as follows: – In case the Company has many different investment projects in the same province and the Company only uses one accounting book system for one annual accounting period. The accounting of new...